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From the time they arrive, until they leave for home the citizens will get regular �sessions� of instruction in practical application of government and citizenship. These instruction sessions conducted by the Government Instructor and the Girls State staff will include indoctrination in the principles and procedures of city, county and state government. Using the know-how gained from these briefings, the citizens will organize and operate their own city, county and state governments.   

Emphasis will be placed on letting the girls govern themselves, under the constant guidance of the staff members. Upon arrival in Statesboro, the citizens will be assigned to 12 cities and 4 counties, to form the mythical 51st State of Girls State. Early in the week, each of the 12 cities will elect officials, who will operate the city government for the rest of the week. Later, each county will elect county officials, who will serve until the end of the week. Also, appointed officials for all cities and counties will be selected or designated.   Each girl will be assigned to a party (Nationalist or Federalist) and either to the Georgia Girls State House or Senate. As a citizen of Girls State, each girl is invited to submit a bill prior to arrival at Girls State. This bill is for the good of the state (not the federal government).  Later in the week, the State General Election will take place, in which the Girls State Governor and other State Officials will be elected.

Wondering how to submit a bill? We have provided a bill form for you to fill out as well as sample bills to give you some ideas. Remember that you must bring 375 copies of your bill to Girls State. 

For a more detailed listing of the week's events check out the 2019 Schedule

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